Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Todd Elliott Koger (#BLACKLIVESMATTER) made an important speech today about the November 2015 Election and gun violence.

Over the last six months shootings increased 10 percent and gun assaults jumped 44 percent in Pittsburgh. 47 of 57 BLACK LIVES. 88 of 105 in 2014 BLACK LIVES. 2014 murder total highest in five (5) years. The blood of BLACK BOYS and GIRLS can no longer stain Pittsburgh streets. 52 years ago the "March on Washington" was about "jobs." It's 2015 and 50 percent of BLACK BOYS and GIRLS are either unemployed or underemployed (black college grads hold a job that doesn't require a degree).

The schools they force BLACK GIRLS and BOYS to attend are deplorable (genocidal). The City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have dumped countless millions into construction projects that have subsidized the private businesses of their political contributors. They want us to just gather, march, hold "prayer vigils," and community rallies that coddle our emotions.

Mr. Mayor . . . Mr. Allegheny County Executive . . . You have done little to help expand private sector employment (address BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT). You keep telling us you're giving millions in construction contracts: "to put more new windows in vacant buildings, and replace the NEW sidewalks with NEWER sidewalks!!!" Your development projects always do nothing but close off needed RETAIL DEVELOPMENT (JOBS).

Mr. Mayor . . . Mr. Allegheny County Executive . . . How do you explain the hard reality that "year in" and "year out" we have the highest rates of poverty, joblessness, and educational disparities. What significant contribution have you made to alleviate this!!! How can you stand in front of anyone and talk about anything other than the current issue with shootings and gun assaults? You have turned your back on us.  

And, the LOCAL MEDIA . . . You're a willing accomplices to this "GUN VIOLENCE." With subterfuge, exploitation and neglect from our leadership and the local media our neighborhoods have collapsed. Our people are cold, hungry, and unemployed. You want people to think #blacklivesmatter is without real organization. You see us as inciting violence while protesting against it . . . But, we are no longer the little "wussy" who is going to stand back while the "bully" media eats our lunch.

Your narrative has nothing to do with the BLACK LIVES. The #blacklivesmatter movement is NOT AN ANTI-COP MOVEMENT!!! It is a movement that vigorously and voraciously opposes those of you who have legally circumscribed our FREEDOM. Mr. Media you have deliberately misheard and misunderstood our call for justice. Mr. Media you keep pushing this nonsensical narrative that the police are "hunting down" our BLACK BOYS and GIRLS. It's a diversionary scheme to go along with your smear campaign you always use against NEW BLACK LEADERSHIP not "handpicked" as a "puppet" for the political machine.

We have a plan to stop BLACK BOYS and GIRLS from killing each other. We have a plan to put in place the needed mechanisms to identify policemen abusing the public. Stop screaming "fire" in this crowded theater. Stop going to such psychopathological lengths to keep NEW BLACK LEADERSHIP out of office.

Why not (thinking out loud) use CDBG funds (and other grant money) and renovate vacant "Landbank" homes. Bring them up to code, and when they are "move in" ready . . . Give them to the low-income neighborhood youth who successfully complete and graduate from a BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD Revitalization Program? Why not give youth probation services to community-based leadership (501(c)(3) organizations)? Give "MATCHING" funds to budding entrepreneurs and pair the remaining building owners of our neighborhoods with "NEW" and expanding businesses?

EEO-1 Reports are federal filings that outlines employment data by race and gender according to job type. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, every company is required to file an EEO-1 Report. For example: Facebook hired just seven BLACK PEOPLE out of an overall headcount increase of 1,231 (in 2013). At the time Facebook employed just 45 BLACK STAFF out of a total US workforce of 4,263. Why not (thinking out loud) review the EEO-1 REPORTS of those doing business with Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and the like?

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