Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Todd Elliott Koger made a formal announcement today about the November 2015 Election.

Todd Elliott Koger (#BLACKLIVESMATTER Pittsburgh) made a formal announcement today about the November 2015 Election. He thanked William "Bill" Robinson and called the Allegheny County District #10 Councilman a BLACK ACTIVIST and POLITICAL LEADER who remained a persistent opponent of the stubborn remains of the "Pittsburgh's majority white political machine."

Bill Robinson, a longtime elected official who has served as a Pittsburgh city councilman and state representative was forced to withdraw his candidacy for Allegheny County Council District #10. Mr. Robinson's opponents had challenged 343 of the 358 signatures on his nominating petitions as written by the same person. Mr. Koger said the "White majority political machine" wants to run a "unknown" political puppet for the County Council seat in District #10.

Although just 250 signatures was needed, Todd Elliott Koger and his wife (Kellie) went out into the BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS of Pittsburgh and collected 3,320 plus signatures to get on the November ballot for Allegheny County Council District #10. Having collected "so many" signatures . . . Mr. Koger will also be on the ballot as a candidate for County Executive.

During the formal announcement today, Mr. Koger said: "Over the last six months shootings increased 10 percent and gun assaults jumped 44 percent. We are witnessing BLACK BOYS and GIRLS getting “caught up” more and more (first-hand) at a very young age now in the Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) gun violent crime epidemic."

Todd Elliott Koger says he has a plan to divert BLACK YOUTH from this “downward trajectory” a life of crime promises.To protect the BLACK sons and daughters of Allegheny County Mr. Todd Elliott Koger wants to give “non-arrest” youth probation services to community-based leadership (501(c)(3) organizations). Using neighborhood leadership he says will improve supervision and identification (treatment of "high risk" needs) and could serve as a model for the nation. Mr. Koger says, his plan will reduce recidivism of Pittsburgh's formerly incarcerated youth by providing (at a minimum) basic skills instruction, remedial education, and job training that leads to industry-recognized credentials for immediate demands. "Hiring WHITE BOYS from Erie and other MAJORITY WHITE COMMUNITIES to come into the HOOD to supervise BLACK KIDS just doesn’t work." Mr. Koger's proposal would also require provision to address characteristics common for youth the victims of family turmoil, physical and emotional abuse, and school failure -- providing strategies for mental health and substance abuse issues (and other co-occurring disorders).

Mr. Koger added: More than $10.5 million in public money has been poured into efforts to redevelop just two blocks around the North Side's former Garden Theater (the area remains an eyesore). A Philadelphia developer asked for $10 million to convert Macy's into a hotel. Todd Elliott Koger says he wants "40 acres and a mule." A "disaster relief" project (46 of 56 homicides so far are BLACK) to demolish all of the blighted residential and commercial properties in Pittsburgh's BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS. He wants public and private funds to "clear" the land and give BLACK BOYS and GIRLS opportunity to "start anew." A project to teach BLACK YOUTH everything from demolition, to site preparation, brick laying, electrical work, plumbing, home building and landscaping. And, give them a job and house to live in when they're done. A project to recapture the vibrancy of BLACK PITTSBURGH . . . A project to create a vibrant BLACK OASIS. Create something we can compare to Pittsburgh's Carson Street.

He said he wants "NEW" small business to open up along Pittsburgh's BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD corridors to give our BOYS and GIRLS options and opportunity. A program to establish, retail, manufacturing and entertainment venues, and more. A program to fill the available properties with quality business that meet the demands of the community and will build vibrant commercial corridors. A proposal to "MATCH" budding entrepreneurs and revitalize Pittsburgh's (Allegheny County's) BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS by pairing building owners with "NEW" and expanding businesses. A plan to distribute both private and public ("MATCHING") grants every three months, plus technical assistance and support in securing additional business loans. Mr. Koger said Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and others can make application to the state (Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program). Make application to the U. S. Department of Housing (CDBG Program) to direct storm water into bio-retention basins as a supplement to Allegheny County's Sanitary Authority Act 537 Storm Water Separation Mandate . . . Make application to the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Labor, etc. to make this proposal happen.

Todd Elliott Koger said: "We must demand of our BLACK LEADERSHIP to "speak" with their actions and take more responsibility rather than accepting just the "superficial" bullsh*t they have been giving us. He said he requested more than two years ago that the BLACK LEADERSHIP and local media review the EEO-1 Reports for the past five years of those doing business with the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and the like. Mr. Koger said, "The Pittsburgh region has more than 30 publicly traded corporations with few BLACKS employed." He wants "corporate boot camp apprentice programs" to training BLACK BOYS and GIRLS. He said: "EEO-1 Reports are federal filings that outlines employment data by race and gender according to job type. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, every company is required to file an EEO-1 Report." As an example Mr. Koger pointed to Facebook. Their EEO-1 Report listed just seven BLACK PEOPLE out of an overall headcount increase of 1,231 (in 2013). At the time Facebook employed just 45 BLACK STAFF out of a total US workforce of 4,263. There were no BLACK people in any executive or senior management positions.

Todd Elliott Koger is a product of Duquesne University School of Law. He has a B.A., Political Science California University of Pennsylvania; and, an A.S., Labor Education CCAC. He is a former, Law Clerk, Allegheny County Planner (Human Services), and Science Teacher. He served on the Wilkinsburg Civil Service Commission. He negotiated the original deal for BET and minority employment with TCI Cable as Chair of the N.A.A.C.P Labor and Industry Committee. He wrote the "first" alternative high school plan for Allegheny County. He wrote the demonstration proposal and implementation plan for Senator Harris Wofford's "AMERICORPS." He was responsible for the language that provided opportunity for assistance with student loan obligations. He was selected Who's Who Among Students of American Universities and Colleges; given the California University Distinguish Service Award and California University Progressive Leadership Award; and presented WTAE Channel 4 Gold Medal Award (Community Service).

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