Saturday, March 21, 2015

Independent Candidate for Allegheny County Executive . . . Todd Elliott Koger's March 21, 2015, speech to his campaign staff.

For years now they have made life for my family almost insurmountable while our "so-called" BLACK LEADERSHIP looked on and whispered cowardly insults. Believe me . . . They have tried everything and one day my story will be told. I understand our STRUGGLE. And, my wife and I will do our best as an independent candidate for Allegheny County Executive in the November 2015 General Election.

The homicide statistic don't lie. Too many of our BLACK BOYS and GIRLS die at the hands of their neighbor. If "BLACK LIVES REALLY MATTER . . . We must begin to understand that we haven't moved forward listening to the current BLACK LEADERSHIP.

Too few of us with "real brainpower" are participants in the fellowship programs, business incubators, foundations. We are not allowed to contribute anything to the revitalization of our neighborhoods. We have to break away from their gatekeepers who have been critically ignorant (for years) about the multilayered, deeply embedded divides, agendas, and biases that are always played out against us . . . .

Hungry, cold, unemployed, and without family our BLACK BOYS and GIRLS go on because they are now "hardened killers." Gutless, despicable hypocrites (BLACK LEADERSHIP) made us this way. And, it's hard to see a way through this "us vs. them" mindset. Our BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS have become a toxic psychological cancer. How many BLACK BOYS and GIRLS will be killed before a journalist on the inside expose the hypocrisy of the BLACK LEADERSHIP. The local media know about the hypocrisy of our BLACK LEADERSHIP but they don't say anything (informally supporting it and maybe even directing it).

They don't have an answer for "how to fix things," but there are steps to make things better. The separation and segregation in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) isn't by chance. Mr. Mayor and Mr. County Executive we're "diverse" just not in your backyard or when it impacts your kids' education. You want to STOP GUN VIOLENCE . . . STOP FORCING BLACK KIDS TO THEIR ZONED SCHOOLS!!!

You have used the law, custom, policy, and educational system to keep BLACK BOYS and GIRLS inferior. I explain this to my people NOT to make them hate but to help them navigate the hypocrisy.

The current BLACK LEADERSHIP continues to perpetuate the problem by being passive, tolerant, and apathetic to those who with one hand giveth and with the other has always taken away. It's time to start taking things personally.

Work needs done. I want to lead us out of the dysfunctional struggles of myth and values that disregards BLACK LIFE, education, following rules, hard work and family. It's shameful "evidence-based evaluation" is NOT a prerequisite for the antiquated and demented initiatives the mayor and the Allegheny County Executive waste money on each year. If the house is on fire why are they "watering" the flowers? But, I'm GOOD and so are my soldiers . . . OUR JUSTICE IS HEADED YOUR WAY.