Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jane Orie Conviction . . . Joan Orie Investigation . . . GAINEYGATE?

The media helping Ed Gainey STEAL AN ELECTION . . .

Last year Pittsburgh City Councilman Daniel Lavelle, of the Hill District, faced perjury and other charges in connection with the petition submitted to nominate Rep. Jake Wheatley in the Pennsylvania 19th House District.

In the police report, Allegheny County detectives said they spoke with several people who were listed in the 2010 petition and determined that more than 10 signatures were not genuine. County police said the matter was brought to their attention by then City Democratic Chair Tonya Payne.

Today, Ed Gainey, who replaced Tonya Payne as City Democratic Chair, presented statements from 16 people whose names appeared on Rep. Joe Preston's nomination petitions as not genuine. The Gainey campaign gave six affidavits from people who said they never signed Preston's petition to the County Elections Division who turned the Gainey materials over to the County police.

A Coincidence?


A coincidence is the occurrence of an event, or series of events, that can happen by chance or accidentally at the same time or at different times but seem to have some connection.

However, in this matter, Todd Elliott Koger has already provided County detectives documents that prove the Gainey campaign knowingly instructed individuals to sign false names on nomination petitions as an attempt to compromise his nomination petition. Mr. Koger advised the County detectives that he didn't file the petitions which included “FAKE” signatures because he knew the Gainey campaign was trying to set him up.

Mr. Koger only submitted nomination petitions that he knew were true and correct. But, Mr. Koger specifically advised the County detectives of Gainey's apparent“covert” activities.

What is interesting . . .

How did the Gainey campaign research Koger's, Preston's and Anderson's nomination petitions in just seven days?

Impossible, without the help of the County Elections Division.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jane Orie Trial . . . Joan Orie Investigation . . . What About Ed Gainey "GAINEYGATE?"

Jane Orie is on trial for having her staff do political work.

Ed Gainey candidate for State Representative District 24 has challenged all three of his opponents "Nomination Petitions."

In "GAINEYGATE" Allegheny County Elections Department Employees have been secretly "HELPING" Ed Gainey with his challenge of his opponents' nomination petitions. His opponent Todd Elliott Koger has filed a formal complaint with the District Attorney's Office. Mr. Koger claims the Allegheny County Elections Department "TRACKED" all of his research ("WORK PRODUCT") for the past couple weeks and shared it with Ed Gainey.

That is, Mr. Koger claims that "Allegheny County employees were told to photocopy everything he printed from the Elections Department's computer system." On Friday, March 16, 2012, when the regular receptionist was absent the new receptionist didn't get the memo. She had to be called to the side by the office manager and given special instruction: "to copy Mr. Koger's "WORK PRODUCT." A County employee familar with the instructions intervened and made copies. Next, she took Mr. Koger's "WORK PRODUCT" back to the Office Manager who had copies from earlier in the week in her hand. When Mr. Koger witnessed all of his "WORK PRODUCT" being handed to an unidentified white male in the back of the office he snapped a picture.

Mr. Koger then walked back and snapped a second picture of the unidentified white male who was given the "WORK PRODUCT." Mr. Koger would soon discover that the white male was working with the Ed Gainey campaign. The white male was given Mr. Koger's "WORK PRODUCT" before any subpoena was served. And, the white male wasn't charged for the copies (Mr. Koger had been charged 25 cents a page).

As interesting... The office manager had the receptionist ask Mr. Koger for a copy of his hand-written notes.

Ed Gainey's staff (white male) had refused to meet and go "line-by-line" over the nomination petition as so ORDERED by the Court. Rather, Ed Gainey had the Allegheny County Elections Department "SECRETLY TRACKING" Mr. Koger's "WORK PRODUCT."

Mr. Koger additionally claims that he witnessed county employees doing work (each day he was there) researching signatures listed on Joe Preston's and William Anderson's nomination petitions for Ed Gainey's campaign.