Friday, February 17, 2012

Joe Preston and Ed Gainey . . . Todd Elliott Koger Says "IT USED TO BE ABOUT TRYING TO DO SOMETHING!"

Sometimes our 'so-called” leaders lose focus about what the “struggle” is all about.

Sometimes our “so-called” leaders get lost in trying to BE someone.

But, if they would only do a “check-in” with their people every once in a while, maybe they would start to do things differently and realize it is the “struggle” that is important and not the “destination!”

Our “so-called” leaders mistakenly believe the “DREAM” is to “WIN!”

But, they shouldn't aspire to just be the star . . . .


And, sometimes just the little things that need to be done is the “DREAM!”


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Where is Joe Preston and Ed Gainey (Mayor Luke Ravenstahl) When Our Kids Are Killed in Pittsburgh's BAD Neighborhoods?

It's another political year. The “gatekeepers” are back in our community “turning tricks” for votes . . . . Just more false promises to build up our hope for another let down.

They have been sitting at the establishment's table for a long time now with nothing on their plate (unless they eat some of what's being served, they're not getting dinner).

In particular , Joe Preston and Ed Gainey are back to tell us that it's going to get better because they have been working for years with the establishment and knows best how to deal with those making decisions. They make you believe they're for you and they got a “fix” for things. But, the persons making the decisions (Corbett, Fitzgerald, and Ravenstahl) are so tight against you. Those making decision never have to keep a promised because your conversations is with a “gatekeeper.”

Think about it . . . Does Corbett, Fitgerald, and Ravenstahl go days and months with zero contact with African-American neighborhoods?

The “gatekeepers are covert operatives behind enemy lines who shuttle information back and forth. But, if they continue to nourish dissatisfaction, it can only lead to one thing . . . . We have in our community now young black brothers and sisters who just doesn't intend on turning the other cheek any longer.

The world has not been fair to our young brothers and sisters mainly because they had the misfortune of being born a few miles away into a more precarious neighborhood of the city and with a skin color that makes realizing opportunities most take for granted much harder.

Many of our young brothers and sisters don't even know what opportunities exist for them. Coming from single-parent families where the mom (or in many cases the grand mom) worked two jobs to survive made such understandably difficult.

Many families in the 'hood morphed into illegal activities. You watch the older brothers first, and then the next, and the next, and now even the young women are involved. They morphed from flipping burgers to drug dealing. You may even remember them as an adolescent. The same kids may have washed your car when things were innocent as a way to make money. But, then the gear got nicer, their whips got nicer, and reality sets in – their selling drugs.

Nonetheless, whether you're educated or a “slow Joe” . . . Whether you live in East Hills, East Liberty, Homewood or Wilkinsburg you're catching hell! All of us have suffered long enough now at the hands of the establishments and their “gatekeepers.”

But, this time “TEAM US” knows how to walk the streets in the bad sections of the neighborhood and navigate their political world (comfortable with all the things happening in the streets and in the political world).