Friday, January 20, 2012


Our loyalty should not be “a given” for any person, political party, or just because of our blackness. As a people we need to begin to understand that we can't keep being “played!”

There should be outrage over the demands of the establishment, special interest groups, the media, and any of their “hand-picked” candidates, telling us to “stop complaining” about race inequality. The simple truth, our so-called African-American leaders, in their “monkey suits” have lost their blackness – refuse to speak out!

The political table they have been sitting at (either in Harrisburg, in the Mayor's Office, or running around behind Tim Stevens for his various staged media events) is far more elegant than the living conditions and challenges that we as a people must face daily during this economic downturn.

Do our African-American so-called leaders really believe that their membership to the elite club within the establishment actually gives them rights or privileges undeserving of the rest of us?

Our future is bleak if we take no action. African-American unemployment is at its worst level in more than three decades (we make up just 12 percent of the nation's population but account for 21 percent of the nation's unemployed). Unemployment for African-American men stands at a staggeringly high 19.1 percent and the overall unemployment rate is expected to remain well above 10 percent until at least 2014.

Firearm homicide (epidemic levels) is the leading cause of death for African-American ages 1-44 (we suffer over 26 percent of all firearm deaths and over 55 percent of all firearm homicides).

The Pennsylvania Governor, Pennsylvania State Assembly, County Executive, City of Pittsburgh Mayor (and/or any of their African-American “gatekeepers”) could have helped ameliorate some of the pain African-Americans are feeling in the job sector (and/or as a result of gun violence), but their focus on the “largely white” information (high-tech) jobs, academia (boosting universities), the “green” economy and Marcellus Shale has done little to address the concern of real “black” people!

If we wish to see the concern's of real “black” people extended beyond a relatively small number of the token few . . . “TEAM US” must now challenge the establishment, special interest groups, and their “hand-picked” candidates (that they expect you will support because our lone “in the white man's pocket” African-American newspaper told you to do so).

What's interesting: Our lone African American newspaper, a few years back, endorsed racist Rick Santorum . . . .