Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Pennsylvania Election: “A clash between the oppressed and those that do the oppressing!”

On April 24, 2012, there will be a “clash between those who want justice and equality and the “gatekeepers” for the establishment/special interest groups who want to continue the current systems of political exploitation of African-Americans living in Pittsburgh.

The establishment has painted a picture of Pittsburgh to the world (it's art scene, job prospect, safety and affordability), as a city that has rebounded from both its industrial past and the current economic crisis to become a culture and intellectual hotspot.

To attract non-minorities they're telling the world that Pittsburgh isn't bogged down with the burden of taking care of blacks. That is, when examining the 2010 census data, Pittsburgh is one of the “whitest” cities of the 100 largest metro areas in the United States (87 percent of the population is non-minority). LOL!!! SMH TOO!!!

They want the world to think Pittsburgh resembles what America look like before the Civil Rights revolution.

The truth: Based on unemployment, income growth in the past 5 years, crime rates, cost of living, and the like, African-Americans haven't benefited from the turnaround. But, afraid of their own shadows, our "house niggas" leaders simply cannot defend us

So, in the coming days, when the “gatekeepers” argue there's been a lot of investment in areas with high levels of poverty and areas predominantly black (East Liberty). Remember, “big-box” stores or “mixed-used” development are focused on geographic rather than population.

That is, when the populace in question can't afford the new construction options (our people can't even afford to shop at Target), than a new populace replaces them and, ultimately, poverty just gets moved around geographically and so no real solution is attained. Look at the demographics of the people hanging around S. Highland Avenue and Penn Circle to the people a block away at S. Highland and Penn Avenue.

In short, the most dangerous people are those who have no stake in society. They expect us to be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, and co-exist in a white-black brotherhood (while our gas and electric gets shut-off during winter months, food is taken off our tables when they cut “food stamps” entitlements and/or change eligibility guidelines, and, our kids go without a proper education). But, through struggle we are always led to rediscover the lesson of the past.

We have a common oppressor.

A common discriminator.

We have to unite on the basis of what we have in common. And, the “gatekeepers,” whether placed there as a “hand-picked” leader identified by the local political party and/or the media, is just another “monkey-suit” wearing pawn in the “game” that keeps us in our situation.

There's nothing in our holy books that teaches us to suffer peacefully . . . .

As is the case in any jungle, every waking hour that we struggle we lived with both the practical and subconscious knowledge that if we relax, slow down, they won't hesitate to get us (make us their prey).

We must start listening during the “staged” community meetings and watching during “staged” protest marches. We need to better question the “gatekeepers” who called us there.

Who is really benefiting from this community meeting and protest march?

How come the “FIELD NIGGA” that the establishment has nightmares about never got a telephone call (wasn't invited to participate)?