Sunday, April 04, 2010

Todd Elliott Koger Position Paper: Top Priorities 2010 Election -- 3, 992 Pennsylvania Households Using Potentially Unsafe Heating

Since the passage of Chapter 14 in late 2004, both the rate and number of utility terminations have increased, jeopardizing the health and safety of those households without utility service, particularly in the cold winter months; and thousands of consumers have been denied payment arrangements because of restrictions placed on the PUC.

Act 201 of 2004, known as Chapter 14, went into effect on December 14, 2004, amending the Public Utility Code. Chapter 14 prohibits the PUC from establishing a payment agreement for customers who have defaulted on CAP (Customer Assistance Program) payments.

For non-CAP customers, Chapter 14 prohibits the Commission from establishing a second payment agreement if the customer has defaulted on the first.

In total, as a result of Chapter 14, the PUC has been unable to assist 71,516 customers (non-CAP and CAP customers) who were seeking payment arrangements.

Overall, the termination rate has increased by 86% from 2002 to 2007.

Chapter 14 must go! Joe Preston must go!

The poor and low-income residents of Pennsylvania should be horrified by the hypocrisy of Joe Preston. He was given lucrative campaign contributions from the utility companies in exchange for passage of Chapter 14.

5/13/09 UGI PAC (UGI Corp) $500

5/11/09 FirstEnergy Political Action Committee $1,000

4/27/09 James Michael Love (LOB) $500

4/16/08 NFG PAPAC $500

4/10/08 James Michael Love Energy Association of PA $1,000

4/4/08 N.Source Inc. PAC-PA $750

4/2/08 UGI PAC (UGI CORP) $1,000

3/3/08 FirstEnergy Political Action Committee $1,000

6/22/07 Equitable Resources, Inc. $1,000

6/22/07 NFG PAPAC $1,000

5/16/07 FirstEnergy Political Action Committee $1,000

10/27/06 NFG PAPAC $175

10/16/06 FirstEnergy Political Action Committee $175

10/6/06 Equitable Resources $250

6/15/05 Equitable Resources $250

12/31/04 UGI PAC (UGI CORP) $250

6/29/04 FirstEnergy Committee $500