Thursday, August 17, 2006

Host a fundraiser for Todd Elliott Koger candidate for Pa. State Representative

Host a fundraiser.

Why should you host a fundraiser?

Hosting a fundraiser allows all of your colleagues, neighbors and friends to develop and enhance a personal relationship with the campaign in a casual and friendly setting. Hosting a fundraiser is an integral and traditional part of the electoral process. Running for public office is an expensive proposition and candidates need the help of supporters to get elected.

How do you invite the candidate to your fundraiser?

Write an invitation letter to the candidate or telephone the campaign. The invitation and/or telephone call should be sent out as far in advance as possible. The candidate's schedule will be booked very fast.

Should others help you plan the fundraiser?

Form a small event committee to develop a potential donor list and help with the logistical issues and planning of the fundraiser. By getting your event committee to invite their own network to your event, you can raise dollars from people you might otherwise be unable to reach.

Who should you invite as guests to your political fundraiser?

Invite neighbors, friends and business associates who support the candidate. He will appreciate a large turnout.

Where should you host a political fundraiser?

Most fundraisers are held in private homes or a business office. Of course, where you host a fundraiser depends largely upon the size of the event and the ambiance that you want to create.

What happens at a fundraiser?

A fundraiser is a simple reception. Allow ample time for the guests to arrive before the candidate. Introduce the candidate to your guests and provide time for the candidate to address the group as a whole. Thereafter, collect the political contribution checks from your guests.